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Design better, specify better and consume more carefully – that’s my (not so) radical idea
Our dependence on an everything-we-want-whenever-we-want-it approach, is harming our world: this is as true for construction as it is for consumerism. While we should all be taking action in order to preserve our planet, direct action is actually rather less effective than well-placed words if we want to drive real and lasting change.

18th May 2022
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I admire radical protestors who make us look up: our values would be far poorer without brave interventionists. But we need to be very wise now to deliver actual change. Otherwise, our industry will spend its time lost in a fog of slogans.
Matthew Lloyd — Design better, specify better and consume more carefully
The desire to rebuild is urgent and powerful
Amid the devastation of Ukraine the desire to rebuild is urgent and powerful. Despite the awful human suffering and pointless destruction, there is a sense of solidarity and collective desire about the global response that brings hope for a better future.

31st March 2022
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The future of housing
On the quality of housing, now and moving forward 'If the future of housing is huge blocks of flats, now is the moment to get our approach right'.

2nd March 2022
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Twelve reasons to be an architect
Matthew presents his antidote to the January blues and 'falls in love with the with the profession all over again' (BD online)

18th January 2022
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If our training is changing, that must be a good thing
Matthew reflects on the state of architectural education, and the drivers of change

29th November 2021
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The rise and rise of big practice
A commentary on the role and responsibilities of 'Big Practice' in the evolving context of the contemporary architectural profession.

19th October 2021
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Architecture in the time of Covid
The first of Matthew's new monthly series in Building Design has just gone live, titled 'Architecture in the time of Covid'.

13th September 2021
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