Sanctuary Housing Group projects, Hackney

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MLA have worked with Sanctuary Housing Group over a fifteen year period to deliver around 35 property refurbishments and new build infils in a number of small contracts to improve their Victorian housing stock in lots of 3-5 properties at a time, and complete new build infil housing in and around the Cass estate off Cassland Road in Hackney, East London and more recently in Leytonstone in Waltham Forest. These projects have delivered units for a variety of tenures for SHA as properties were decanted, became free and tenancies ended, allowing them to provide market rental, shared ownership, keyworker and social rented units as funding and need dictated and allowed. The principle has been to create high quality, robust architecture, respecting the inherent characteristic ofthe Victorian fabric while improving thermal performance and ease of maintenance, all in line with SHA technical brief and local planning requirements.

Sanctuary Housing Group

Completed in phases 2000 - 2014

London E9 and E17