Frampton Park Baptist Church & Housing

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The Frampton Park scheme creates 3 new residential blocks (47 apartments), enabling a new church building, café and community facilities on the Frampton Park Estate in Hackney. Ranging from 3-8 stories in height, the new buildings vary the horizontality the post-war estate, while drawing on the context of the existing buildings in materials, details and the treatment of entrances and windows to create a rich architectural language. A courtyard garden formed by the new housing is open to the street and shared with the public; a ‘village green’ in front of the church provides for community gatherings and events, and a corner space is enlarged and re-landscaped to accommodate the church’s community gardening project. The new church building replaces a 1950s church in poor condition and accommodates the thriving congregation’s many activities and services, previously scattered across the estate, under one roof. The scheme won a 2016 Housing Design Award as one of only 5 completed schemes.

“Matthew Lloyd Architects won a Housing Design Award for its St. Mary of Eton project, a spirited residential project in East London…It returns to a similar theme here, this time arranging three residential blocks around a brand new church building. The same combination of confident massing and textured coloured brickwork is in evidence, enlivened by the soaring barn-like structure of the Church at its heart. The Church gives the scheme the kind of bold presence that further integrates the development into its surrounding urban and social fabric” Ike Ijeh, BD Online 12/7/16

“The church has been designed by Matthew Lloyd Architects, veteran of a number of church refurbishment schemes such as last year’s celebrated St Mary of Eton development in neighbouring Hackney Wick. Equally, at Frampton Park the barn-like zinc roof and sculpted, minimalist form identify the building as being firmly of the contemporary design stable. But it is not just the finished architectural product that renders this building an interesting essay in religious reinvention but also the radical programme and function of its internal spaces….the crisp detailing of the space, its barn-like rustic aspect and the shadows and textures created by the fall of vaulted daylight onto its honed wood surfaces all speak of a quiet, naturalistic simplicity that resonates both with the informality of Baptist ministry and an architecture committed to intimacy and transparency”

Ike Ijeh, BD Online 12/1/16


Frampton Park Baptist Church & Telford Homes

Church & community spaces completed September 2015, housing completed January 2016

London E9



Housing Design Award – completed scheme 2016

Hackney Design Award 2016