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This is an architectural proposal for a unique building: a single enclosure containing a church, a synagogue and a mosque.  Matthew Lloyd is working with fellow architects Dan Leon, and Shahed Saleem – each bringing his knowledge of his own religion – to explore the possibility of bringing the three Abrahamic faiths together physically, serving each of them distinctly. The church has a nave, altar, and font; the synagogue faces Jerusalem and has a bimah and an ark; the mosque faces Mecca, and has a central nihab.

These three architects have considered whether such a building can be built, and if so, where. And tried to identify the key questions – theological, social, and aesthetic – which the project raises.  Religion is difficult and complex but just as there is a history of conflict between faiths, there is also a greater history of tolerance and coexistence – in cities such as Jerusalem, Istanbul, Sevilla, London – and it is this that the proposal explores.