Longford House, Triton Square

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Matthew Lloyd Architects were appointed by British Land in Spring 2016 to produce a design for the redevelopment of the St Anne’s site as a purpose-built affordable housing building for Camden residents, and as part of their wider commercial scheme for the adjoining Triton Square, Regents Place, NW1. The design approach is responsive to the diverse context around it: the St. Anne’s site sits in a transitional location between the Regents Park Estate, and the Regents Place office campus. The proposals face the challenge of responding to each of these characters, and acknowledging their potential for future change. The new building rises from 6-storeys, to a 9-storey pop-up at the south east corner. The taller element of the proposed block addresses the relatively larger scale of context to the south of the site while the 6-storey element responds to the smaller scale residential buildings to the north. Proposals aim to enhance the street scene and respond positively to this site, while providing affordable homes with dual or triple aspect living spaces, sensitively planned with private and shared outdoor amenity. The mix of units, 22 in total, was developed in response to LB Camden’s need for affordable family units, and provides 45% 3-bed flats, 50% 2-bed flats, and 5% 1-bed flats, all to GLA space standards. The design aims to provide a handsome, confident addition to the streetscape, whilst being a robust housing block that provides a welcoming home for 22 families.  The building material is brick, with special detailing to the balconies and window design and white brick to the inside of recessed balconies. The inset balcony and window design has been developed from the inside – out, in response to a need for privacy in homes situated in proximity to the extensively glazed adjacent office buildings. The brick facade provides a familiar and durable material that is consistent with the varied vernacular context.

British Land

Completed February 2021

London NW1



Shortlisted in the Housing Design Awards 2021