The Prince’s Foundation

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Matthew Lloyd Architects ensured that the design for the Prince of Wales Foundation reflected the aspirations of the organisation: its derelict Victorian warehouse has been stripped back to its original spaces, timber floors have been recycled and windows were replaced in the pattern of the old. Contemporary elements include a six storey steel staircase, a brick entrance ramp and rotating steel ventilation cowls mounted on the roof. The building is entirely passively cooled through vertical air shafts. The finished ground floor provides a café and gallery space, the fourth floor has been designed as a lecture room and drawing studio. The remaining floors incorporate a library, architecture studios and meeting rooms.

“The transformation by Matthew Lloyd Architects remains as a model of the old and the modern and a seminal demonstration of how architectural excellence can be achieved through a sophisticated exploitation of absence and ordinariness.” Architects Journal August 2000

The Prince’s Foundation

Completed 2000

London EC2