The Royal Society of Arts

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This significant historic building was designed as the headquarters for the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) by Robert and John Adam in 1774. Over the ensuing generations some of the many renovations undertaken by the Society had diminished its Georgian purity and splendour. Matthew Lloyd Architects’ award-winning refurbishment inserts 21st century technology and increases the flexibility and functionality of the building while restoring the clarity and beauty of the architecture. The original proportions, form and shape of the important Grade I listed Great Room are restored, with ventilation and lighting concealed within an acoustic ceiling. Subtle, timeless and modern elements include a bespoke fold-out stage with fold-out screen and 3D projector. Ground floor spaces are clearer and more accessible to visitors of all abilities, easily navigated across the five Georgian houses of which the building is composed. New bespoke lighting features by Troika hang above the main staircase and in the Benjamin Franklin Room.

The RSA – Royal Society of Arts

Completed 2012




RIBA London Award 2013

RIBA London English Heritage Award 2013 for Sustaining the Historic Environment