William Tyndale Primary School

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A scheme comprising two new extensions plus the internal renovation of an existing school on a tight urban site, bringing the whole school up to contemporary suitability standards.  Designed as lightweight framed constructions, the new extensions reference the date and materials of the original building but are clearly contemporary, respecting the imposing vertical architecture and symmetry of the existing building. The new 2-storey extensions house three classrooms near the heart of the school with administrative facilities near a safe and welcoming entrance. In the existing building, six spacious classrooms with new group rooms replace ten undersized classrooms, and the music and staff rooms are enlarged and improved. The design and choice of materials maximise light gain internally and externally. Valuable playground space on this restricted site is carefully protected; lightweight canopies on rods suspended from the masonry structure provide shelter from rain and sun without reducing space for play. In developing the design, the children were consulted through a series of workshops and presentations to the Student Council; staff, parents and governors were also closely consulted.

Cambridge Education @ Islington

Completed 2011

London N1