St Mary of Eton Church
Building Study: St. Mary of Eton, BD Online
St Mary of Eton features in a building study by Ike Ijeh in Building Design Online exploring the refurbishment of the church and the unique residential development stitched into the historic context.
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The most impressive aspect of the new development is not its shiny brickwork pattern but something far more subtle - its footprint. Appropriately, the two new buildings occupy the same footprint of their demolished predecessors extending right to the pavement line and thus presenting a hard, urban edge to the street and conforming to a local urban grain that dominates post-industrial Hackney Wick. But an archway through the base of the tower leads into a completely different world. What was formerly a scruffy car park has been transformed into a sculpted, landscaped courtyard quietly overlooked by the retained church buildings as well as the new blocks.
Ike Ijeh — Building Design
Matthew Lloyd Architects St Mary Of Eton Church Interior4