Christ Church Highbury
New community space for listed Highbury Fields church
Matthew Lloyd Architects Christ Church Highbury Exterior Approach
Location: Islington, London
Client: Christ Church Highbury
Contractor: Haynes & Smith
Completed: April 2022
A new community space sensitively designed to sit adjacent to the Grade II listed Christ Church Highbury. The building allows the Church to better meet and serve the local community. Designed within tight planning constraints the new building provides flexible community space, a cafe and a public facing Church office, all entered from a landscaped courtyard.

The single-storey fully accessible building draws on the surrounding historic and park context to inform its choice of materials and detailing. Externally, a simple palette of linear format brick and bronze metalwork sits comfortably with the surrounding context. A contemporary interpretation of a cornice, realised in pressed and powder coated aluminium, references the intricate stone detailing of the church. Buff brickwork is laid in a random bond to address the existing stone walls.
Matthew Lloyd Architects Christ Church Highbury External 02
Matthew Lloyd Architects Christ Church Highbury External 03
Internally simple finishes have been chosen, these are then elevated through considered detailing of junctions and interfaces. Materials were chosen to be robust and low maintenance whilst bringing warmth and playfulness. A balance has been struck between allowing for flexibility and including enough structure to effectively operate.

Sustainable elements were carefully weaved into the construction of the building. These included mechanical heat recovery (MVHR) complete with bespoke routed plywood grills, a large intensive biodiverse green roof, and integrated rainwater harvesting.
Matthew Lloyd Architects Christ Church Highbury Internal 01
Matthew Lloyd Architects Christ Church Highbury Materials