Vincentian Presbytery
A new living and working centre for a religious order
Matthew Lloyd Architects Vincentenian Presbytery Model Overview Site
Location: Barnet, London
Client: The Vincentenians
Planning: Granted 2021
We were asked by the Vincentian Fathers, an historic French religious community, to work with them on proposal to recreate and expand their existing Presbytery building. The plans to replace and modernise the Presbytery represent the Community’s reaffirmation and commitment to serving Mill Hill, London and beyond for the future.
Matthew Lloyd Architects Vincentenian Presbytery Sketch Oratory
The proposed building is planned around a peaceful central courtyard and small chapel. Living spaces are more private as users pass deeper into, and further up, the building. Each suite is designed as a contemporary private living and working space for a priest. These are supplemented by generous communal spaces at ground floor.

Planning granted 2021